Application of the enzymatic deantigenation system in the reduction of the bacterial elements in human bone tissue

Processo enzimatico


Bone tissue banks withdraw, process and preserve bone tissues according to strict operating protocols. Nonetheless, they could not guarantee the complete sterility of the treated bone samples, above all if they are stored for a long period of time. Bioteck s.r.l has devised an enzymatic deantigenation process that can be applied to bone deriving from all mammal species, comprinsing humans. In this work, the Bioteck UBTT (Universal Bone Tissue Tratment) process has been tested on 30 human femoral head samples, inoculated with high concentrations of three of the most common bacterial species responsible of infection in bone surgery: S.aureus, B. cereus and E.coli. The residual bacterial load was tested through the bioburden method. Results show that the Bioteck process completely eliminates all bacterial contamination from the samples.

Pubblicato su Rivista Italiana di Tissue Banking



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