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Autore : Tarquini G.

The use of flexible equine bone substitutes and three-dimensional collagenic matrix for peri-implant defects

The following case illustrates implant placement associated with GBR to replace a missing mandibular first molar. The surgical protocol entails using an heterologous bone substitute obtained via an exclusive enzymatic process of deantigenation in conjunction with a Flex Cortical Sheet. At reentry surgery, to boost the local peri-implant phenotype, a tridimensional collagen matrix is grafted onto the regenerated bone to thicken the peri-implant keratinized tissue while avoiding the need to harvest an autogenous connective tissue graft.

PRODUCTS USED: Osteoxenon Flex Cortical Sheet, Cancellous-cortical granules, BCG-XC50 Xenomatrix


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