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Author : Giacomo Tarquini

The use of an equine enzymatically deantigenated bone substitute in combination with a pericardium membrane in the peri-implantitis treatment

Surgical treatment of bone defects secondary to peri-implantitis is a greatly relevant topic. We present a case of peri-implantitis resolved by decontamination of the implants and regenerative therapy with heterologous biomaterial and resorbable membrane in equine pericardium.
Although the predictability of this method is still debated, the therapy of peri-implantitis by means of Guided Bone Regeneration (GBR) with resorbable membrane represents a valuable alternative to the explant procedure. The evidence available in the literature agree in establishing the superiority – in terms of results and predictability – of covered regeneration compared to regeneration obtained by maintaning implants posts in situ (1). One should therefore proceed in that way where possible. To this end, the clinician will choose a membrane that assures a barrier effect for an appropriate time for regeneration and appropriately perform maneuvers for releasing flap tension.

PRODUCTS USED: Osteoxenon Granules Mix, Heart Pericardium Membrane

Italian Dental Journal

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