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Autore : Moreira A.

The use of an equine-enzymatically deantigenated xenograft to repair bone defects in rats

This study aims to compare the effect of ghrelin and calcitonin in the repair of bone defects fulfilled with equine bone matrix in rats.
Ten adult female Wistar rats were distributed into three groups with 3, 3 and 4 animals, respectively. Bilateral calvarial bone defects with 4 mm of diameter were produced and fulfilled with Bio-Gen equine bone matrix. The control group didn’t received any hormonal treatment; the calcitonin experimental group received calcitonin (Miacalcin, Sandoz) 0,05 mL intramuscular, in the immediate postoperative period and weekly administrations until the week before the sacrifice; the ghrelin experimental group received ghrelin (Ghrelin Rat Peptide) 0,031 mL subcutaneous, with a similar schedule. The animals were sacrificed at 5th and 7th weeks after the surgery and calvarial bones were submitted to clinical and microscopic evaluation.
It was found the presence of new bone tissue in ghrelin group and only the existence of an organized collagen bone matrix in calcitonin group at 5th week. At 7th week, newly formed bone was greater in calcitonin group.
The administration of ghrelin seems to favour bone formation around the biomaterial granules at 5th week, although we observed a more significant effect with calcitonin at 7th week.


Rev Port Estomatol Med Dent Cir Maxilofac

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