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Autore : Božić D.

The use of an osteopromoter to improve healing of periodontal defects

The aim of this study was to evaluate the use of collagen type I in hydrogel that contains vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) combined with an equine bone replacement graft in the treatment of intrabony defects in periodontitis patients. 24 patients with intrabony periodontal defects of ≥4 mm participated in this study. Patients were randomly selected to two groups. In conjunction with papilla preservation flaps one group (14 patients) received Angiostad and equine demineralized bone mineral with a membrane while the other group (10 patients) did not receive a membrane. Baseline probing pocket depths (PPD), recessions (REC) and clinical attachment levels (CAL) were recorded. Plaque and bleeding scores were below 25%.The paired t test was utilized to evaluate differences between the treatment groups and baseline. The level of significance was set at p<0.05.  1-year after treatment patients in the membrane group showed a reduction in mean PPD from 9.2±2.7 to 3.9±1.4 mm, increase in REC from 1.1±1.3 to 1.6±1.6 mm and CAL from 10.3±2.4 to 5.3±1.4 mm, with a CAL gain of 4.85±2.2 mm. In the non-membrane group the mean PPD changed from 7.8±0.9 mm to 3.8±1.3 mm, REC from 0.14±0.4 to 0.6±0.9 mm and CAL from 7.9±1.0 to 4.4±1.4 mm, with a CAL gain of 3.5±1.0 mm. Results demonstrated statistically greater PPD reduction and CAL gain (p<0.05) in both groups as compared to baseline. Results after 1-year demonstrated statistically greater PPD reduction and CAL gain (p<0.05) in the both groups following treatment. The addition of a resorbable membrane further enhanced CAL gain, although patients in this group had initially deeper PPD which could account for the difference in CAL gains between the groups. This treatment modality leads to significantly improved clinical outcomes in treating intrabony defects.

PRODUCTS USED: Osteoplant Angiostad

Journal of Dental Research, 90 (Spec Iss A) -Proceedings of General Session & Exhibition of the International Association for Dental Research - San Diego, SAD, 16-19.03.2011

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