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28 April 2023

Hydrolyzed collagen is more effective and faster than PRP and hyaluronic acid in tendinopathies

Today we present the first results of a comparative clinical study on the efficacy of CHondroGrid® in tendinopathies, recently published in the magazine “Tabloid of Ortopedia” and as a Bioteck Academy Clinical leaflet.


CHondroGrid® consists of 4 mg of lyophilized low-molecular-weight (<3.3 kDa) collagen peptides to be resuspended in 2 ml of water for injection. Once injected, the peptides quickly diffuse into the tissue going directly to reinforce the extracellular matrix.


The study involved 75 patients with tendinopathy (patellar tendon, supraspinatus or Achilles tendon) and undergoing infiltration with one of the following treatments: CHondroGrid®, PRP or hyaluronic acid.


The results of the study, show that CHondroGrid® is more effective than hyaluronic acid and PRP in reducing pain and functional recovery, both in the short and long term.


In fact, CHondroGrid® showed >50% reduction in pain as early as 15 days after the first injection…


> Click here to download the article

> Click here to download the Clinical leaflet


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