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Autor : Abdel-Dayem H.

Melatonin may improve bone density

Immediate implant became a treatment of choice in several conditions. However, stability of the implant requires filling the voids with a bone graft or a bone substitute. The role of Melatonin in bone stimulation was recently considered. To evaluate the effect of melatonin granules around immediate implant both clinically and radiographically,  14 implants were placed in fresh extraction sockets. The patients were divided into 2 equal groups, control and study groups. In the control group gap was filled with anorganic bovine bone, while in the study group melatonin was added to norganic bovine bone. Grafts were surrounded by a biocollagen membrane in both groups. Clinical and radiographic assessment was carried out at 1st, 3rd, and 6th post-operative period. No significant difference was recorded between the two groups, while bone density showed significantly higher levels in the melatonin groups. Topical application of Melatonin is recommended in osteotomy sites and around dental implant as a bone stimulator.

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