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13 October 2023

Use of a three-dimensional collagen matrix for the resolution of multiple gingival recessions with NCCLs

Today we bring your attention to a clinical case by Dr. Nicola De Rosa, a specialist in periodontology, who will present his experiences with different Bioteck biomaterials at the workshop next October 27 at the 17th SIdCO Congress 2023 in Naples, Italy (at this link you can download the flyer and register for the workshop).


The clinical case, published in September 2022 in the Italian journal “PerioTribune,” involved a patient with multiple gingival recessions associated with non-carious cervical lesions (NCCLs), treated with the MCAF technique and the three-dimensional collagen matrix Xenomatrix®.


This latter, made from collagen extracted from equine tendons, promotes blood clot stabilization and provides the optimal substrate for fibroblast adhesion and proliferation.


At one-year follow-up, maintenance of excellent root coverage was observed…


> Click here to download the full article


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