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17 May 2023

Use of Flex Cortical Sheet in horizontal GBR and delayed implant rehabilitation

Today we present a case report published in the May 2023 issue of Implant Tribune.


The article describes delayed implant rehabilitation in a young patient with severe horizontal resorption.


Bone augmentation was performed through horizontal GBR, using 0.5-mm-thick flexible cortical bone sheet (Osteoxenon® Flex Cortical Sheet) together with collagen-preserved equine-derived granules (Osteoxenon®, Mix Granules) mixed with osteopromotional gel (Activabone® DBM Gel).


Bioteck grafts have both the collagen and the mineral component preserved, thanks to the enzyme-based deantigenation process from which they are obtained (Zymo-Teck®), and they remodel completely with the patient’s bone.


Upon reopening at 6 months, a significant volumetric increase and perfect remodeling of the bone grafts was observed…


> Click here to download the article



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