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Additional tibial osteotomy through the use of heterologous bone wedges

BASB | Dentistry and Maxillofacial

Today we focus on a clinical study where Osteoplant bone wedge was employed for the treatment of the varus knee in 24 patients affected by osteoarthritis, through two different tibial osteotomy approaches. In 11 cases, the conventional technique was used while in 13 cases the computer-assisted technique was employed. Osteoplant wedge originates from an equine bone treated with the exclusive enzymatic process named Zymo-Teck. This industrial procedure preserves the bone collagen and leaves the mineral component unaffected, favoring a physiological recognition of the bone substitute by the cells involved in the bone regeneration. Such properties allows Osteoplant wedge to be completely remodeled with the patient’s bone. The clinical results, evaluated by the international scores Visual Analog Scale and American Knee Society Score at 39 months from the surgery, were all positive, highlighting that….


DBM-containing bone pastes are a useful aid in the management of contenitive bone defects

BASB | Dentistry and Maxillofacial

The clinical leaflet reports the resolution of a peri-implant defect with the ultimate generation bone paste Activabone Mouldable together with the HEART pericardium membrane. Activabone Mouldable bone paste exerts its osteoconductive role through mineralized bone granules with preserved bone collagen, while its content in DBM (demineralized bone matrix) increases its regenerative potential. The size and the irregular shape of the defect require the use of a membrane with medium-long protection time and that can be fixed without the risk of breaking, such as the HEART pericardium membrane. The combination of these two devices resulted in an optimal bone regeneration.


A retrospective study on the use of Osteoplant Activagen bone pastes to fill bone cysts

BASB | Orthopedics

Today we focus on a recent paper (D’Amato et al.2020), where the authors compared the clinical performances of a single injection of the Bioteck bone paste Osteoplant Activagen Injectable enriched with bone marrow concentrate (BMC), with 3 injections of methylprednisolone acetate to fill bone cysts (in femur, humerus, tibia) in 53 pediatric patients. Thanks to its unique rheology, Osteoplant Activagen Injectable bone paste can be directly injected through a trocar needle without the need of open surgery. At 2 years from the surgery, the patients were asked to complete the questionnaire “Activities Scale for Kids” (ASK). The results show the superiority of the treatment with Osteoplant Activagen + BMC (83% of success) compared to methylprednisolone acetate (59% di success).

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