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19 March 2024

Bone regeneration using collagen-preserved bone grafts

Today we bring you the clinical case of a patient who required incisor extraction in position 12 due to a vertical root fracture.

Although the amount of residual alveolar bone was sufficient for immediate implant rehabilitation, the presence of deep vestibular dehiscence required peri-implant bone regeneration.

In order to restore the correct crestal profile, the vestibular defect was filled by using collagen-preserved syringe bone granules (Osteoxenon®) protected by equine pericardium membrane (Heart®).


Osteoxenon® syringe bone granules, immersed in an aqueous gel carrier, are produced by the Zymo-Teck® enzymatic process to preserve the collagen and mineral component in native form.


In this format, the properties of collagen-preserved bone granules, such as complete remodeling with the patient’s bone in physiological time, are combined with the convenience of apposition on the defect given by the aqueous gel in the syringe.


Heart® pericardium membrane has excellent mechanical strength properties that allow its fixation by suture or osteosynthesis media without risk of rupture. In addition, it can guarantee a bone graft protection time of 3-4 months.


Implant placement and bone regeneration were completed without complications, and radiographic follow-up at 24 months…


> Click here to download the clinical leaflet



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