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28 March 2024

Bioteck grafts enable successful treatment of bone defects of periodontal origin

Today we present the clinical case of a patient who, upon periodontal examination, showed a pocket depth of 10 mm at position 21. Subsequent endoral radiograph showed an endo-periodontal lesion.

Radiographic evaluation and positive vitality test for the element led to the decision to save the tooth element by a combined endodontic and surgical approach.


After cleaning the defect from granulation tissue, the endo-periodontal lesion was filled using collagen-preserved equine bone granules (Osteoxenon®) protected by equine pericardium membrane (Heart®).


Osteoxenon® bone granules, are produced by the Zymo-Teck® enzymatic process that preserves the collagen and mineral component in native form.


These properties allow the bone granules to be completely remodeled with the patient’s bone in physiological time.


Heart® pericardium membrane has excellent mechanical strength properties that allow its fixation by suture or osteosynthesis media without risk of rupture. In addition, it can guarantee a bone graft protection time of 3-4 months.


Follow-up CBCT at 1 year showed lesion filling and bone ridge stability. Subsequent follow-up at 3 years…


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