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29 November 2023

CHondroGrid® is more effective and faster than PRP and hyaluronic acid in the treatment of knee osteoarthrosis

Today we present further clinical evidence of the efficacy of CHondroGrid® in the treatment of knee osteoarthrosis.


The novelty lies in the comparison of the efficacy of CHondroGrid® with PRP and hyaluronic acid. The comparative clinical trial involved 75 patients (25 patients per treatment) with knee osteoarthrosis, mainly Kellgren-Lawrence grades 1-3.


CHondroGrid® consists of 4 mg of freeze-dried, low-molecular-weight (<3.3 kDa) collagen peptides to be resuspended in 2 ml of water for injection. Once injected, the peptides quickly diffuse into the tissue going directly to reinforce the extracellular matrix.


The results of the study at 6-month follow-up, show that CHondroGrid® is more effective than hyaluronic acid and PRP in reducing pain and functional recovery.


In patients treated with CHondroGrid®, a 50% reduction in pain is observed as early as 15 days after the first injection…


> Click here to download the clinical leaflet


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